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Here you can find my selected essays. I do not have time to discuss anything less than grandiose - so I hope you will find this reading worthwhile. The essays are available in hypertext, formatted ASCII, Word, and Rich Text Format. I will include existing translations (to Russian and German) shortly.

o Newsfilter project - current project aimed at semantic content filtering for Web and usenet

o From Humans to Cyborgs

o On multi-agent systems and "hypereconomy". It is still under development, but the ideas are there. For a more polished and academic version, see my submission on hypereconomy to ISAS'98 conference, in HTML or Word'97 format.

o On classes of theories - a short and somewhat humorous piece circa 1991

o Semantic Web - a draft proposal for the future of content-aware Web.

o Aerial robotics - in the nearest future small flying robots will be able to do lots of interesting and dangerous things...

o the nature of humor - I suggest it is there to stimulate humans to get smarter by looking for semantic irregularities in the environment.

The following are my more polished and probably the best pieces. I recommend you to look at the HTML versions, as they have lots of references, and even some pictures.

o Automated Collaborative Filtering and Semantic Transports. - ideas of using the next generation of information technologies for automated meaningful distribution of knowledge. MS Word version RTF version
You can also find this article in the book Information Imagineering : Meeting at the Interface

o Legacy Systems and functional Cyborgization - in HTML, ASCII and RTF
Some ideas on coevolution of things technological and biological. It is quite serious, but short, relatively easy to read and somewhat representative of my general directions of thought. If you find nothing of interest in this text, you will probably not lose much by skipping the others.
oIntelligent Information Filters and Enhanced Reality - in HTML, ASCII and RTF - discusses long-term future of augmented perception.

o Networking in the Mind Age - in HTML, ASCII, MS Word format and RTF - some ideas on the architecture of post-human, post-personality and post-identity intelligence, and how it will evolve. Partly based on soon-to-be published book on Mind Age by Hans Moravec.
German translation of Networking in the Mind Age

o Philogeny, ontogeny and personality uploads - a posting to the Virus mailing list.

o Web, Links, and Substance - some ideas of what is substance and what is structure in the on- and off-line worlds. Put into HTML by Ton Rueckert. [Thanks!]

The Following files are in ASCII only:
I may HTMLize them soon or reference my posts on DejaNews instead, so if you want to reference a plain-text article, and to make sure your links remain useful, you may consider including the URL of this whole page.

o Living Systems suggests some ideas on general laws of functional evolution of various systems and emergence of super-entities. (See also TeX version)

o On Science and purpose - my post on CybCom list in July 1995. I recently rediscovered it and think it's pretty good ;-)

o On traffic signs, reptiles and future

o A complete history of humans and technology - don't get scared, it's just one page...

o Software Tax, Communism and Public Good - how to use taxes to fund software development.

o On Abortions - some philosophical views on responsibilities of intelligent beings regardless of reproductive specifics.

o Idea Futures - my essay with some ideas on the fascinating subject first put forward by Robin Hanson.

o Futurology - My thoughts on where it stands now, and what it should be.

o Identity - Limitations of the concept. Idea of Identity Space. Future liquid intelligence is going to have real problems with this identity thing...

o Some thoughts on body ownership

o Landfills - they are the greatest asset of humankind!

o Infinitely Fast Computer, and how to build it with basement Universes.

o Mutual Organ Donation Society (MODS) could resolve the ethical problems of organ donation - as well as lack of donors.

o Semantic Space - this could be the place where the nature keeps its laws (or God - her software). This is also an attempt to put rational foundation under Plato's and Sheldrake's ideas. It is an old article, I wrote it back in Russia, and its English is somewhat clumsy. ( ASCII version)

o Message Rating - or how we can solve the information noise problems and rebuild the global body of knowledge with collaborative filtering of documents. ( ASCII version)

See also Web rating: Bootstrapping the service - sketch

o Ring World - how not to build human settlements in the Solar system.

o Science and Fiction - why these things have split, and what will happen next.

o Identity and trans-temporal self[?]-coercion
Do you have a right to sell yourself into slavery? I suggest new answers to this old libertarian dilemma, and philosophize on some identity issues.

o Some philosophical thoughts on Math and Science - my short reply to Leonard Adleman's view on relation between mathematics and science.

o Indian lottery and functional sovereignty A short post to the Extropian list on a new Indian lottery and some issues on territorial and functional sovereignty.

o Private Traces in Public Places - notes on technology and future of privacy.

o William Gibson and Schools - very critical thoughts on Gibson's suggestions on robbing software markets to ruin education, and what schools and Gibson should do instead.
Some of my Usenet posts:

o Warm blood and Intelligence

o Is privacy natural?

o Do you have a right to have children on the overcrowded earth?

o On Evil, Children and Holy Cows

o Fight Against Obscenity!

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