My Mailing list

I post rather frequently on large number of discussion groups, mostly on grand-scale futurology, evolution, philosophical, high tech adn social issues, and sometimes forward my messages to other lists and selected people who I think may appreciate them.

I have a mailing list for people who would like to follow my writings; there I also post some current thoughts, updated copies of my previous works, and, occationally, some gems I find on the Net.

Actually, I have two lists: "Share all" for all my writings that I consider to be of any public interest (this used to be 1 or 2 messages a day, much less now as I am crazily busy working at Intelligenesis.), and "Share best" that has fewer selected pieces. "Best" messages are also sent to the "Share all" list.

If you read all lists and newsgroups where I post anything, you may not want to get on these lists, as you would risk getting some messages twice.

All messages on this list will be public (i.e. you may share them with anybody you want) unless explicitly stated otherwise.

If you haven't read anything I've written so far, I suggest that you do not subscribe to this list, but visit my home page and read my essays first. The essays reflect my ideas better and are more carefully written than most small messages, so it would be more efficient use of your time. Home Feedback and participation Frontier Organizations Hotlist Thinkers AI,VR Essays WebServices museums News software Education Fun and Play Intelligent Humor page Animated backgrounds russian boston Sponsors and money