Frontier Organizations Frontier organizations

[IMAGE] This is a list of organizations engaged in various things advanced and frontierish.
(This means grand-scale futurism, philosophy, personal and social liberation, and advanced technology).
I am working hard to make it complete. :-)
I also include a few organizations here which are strong or extremist or just interesting enough to know; please do not consider every entry here as my endorsement.

The best organizations you may want to join

ExI Extropy Institute - the citadel of transhumanist thought.
LEF The Life Extension Foundation If you think your life may be worth extending, LEF may give you some advice on the latest life extension research, products and therapies.
WTA World Transhumanist Association
TWA Transhumanist Web Alliance builds websites related to transhumanism.
WFSWorld Future Society (Greater Boston Chapter) WFS is the largest organization of professional futurists in the world. While not as visionary as Extropy Institute, it is engaged in a number of interesting activities. The Boston Chapter Website has many links of futurist interest.
Edge Foundation - except for the Clock, has some interesting people and projects
EFF Electronic Frontier Foundation
Open-Tech Think tank - it doesn't exist yet, but it should...
nanotechnology Foresight Institute conducts research and promotes understanding of perspectives of nanotechnology
Alcor Alcor Life Extension Foundation Cryonics is not an easy way to immortality - but it may be the only way you have.
ACS The American Cryonics Society
AAR Alliance for Aging research

Leri The Leri Institute for Much Higher Learning, founded in early 1998, presents the results of its various studies in metaphilosophy, aesthetic mindwarping, and of course, transtemporal experience (among other things)....
The Alchemind society - The international society for cognitive liberty
The Hemlock society The Hemlock society - You have a right for a choice in death as well as in life.
[IMAGE] Principia Cybernetica More than you can ever learn on cybernetics and related issues - the Website is overwhelming!
Oceania Oceania - new country in development. The Institute for Psychohistory
o New Paradigms Project - conspiracy theories
o HEDG - Hyper-Economy Development Group
FringeWare Inc.
Libertarian PartyLibertarian Party - see also Libertarian Web
Radical view of men as people worthy of respect.
Progressive Life Awareness Network Progressive Life Awareness Network
[IMAGE] The Lucidity Institute
Do you know that lucid dreaming is a learnable skill?
Bionomics Institute Bionomics Institute - Economy as an ecosystem?
Church of Virus Church of Virus
Loka institute - a non-profit research and advocacy organization concerned with the social, political, and environmental repercussions of science and technology.
[IMAGE] Institute of Memetic Engineering
[IMAGE] IETF Home Page Internet Engineering Task Force is an anarchic union of Internet developers.

And there other organizations to explore:

Computers- and technology- related

idealab! - incubator for Internet businesses.
IGCIntelligenesis - using AI to predict the market.
MITMIT and its AI lab
W3C World-Wide Web Consortium
ZCorp Z Corporation - manufacturer of 3D printers.
ISPO Information Society Project Office of the European Commission.
TMC Thinking Machines Corporation
ISOC Internet Society
[IMAGE] CYC project - consensus commonsense knowledge base
MCC MicroElectronics and Computing Consortium
Association of Shareware Professionals ASP
BBN Bolt, Beranek and Newman Inc.
ARPA - [Defense] Advanced Research Projects agency
Agoric Agorics, Inc. - computational economies
Mitsubishi Electric Research Laboratory MERL
Bandwidth Conservation Society

Research institutes and foundations

[IMAGE] The Santa Fe Insitute
[IMAGE] The Corporation for National Research Initiatives
[IMAGE] NIH - National Institutes of Health.
Project Mind Project Mind Foundation

Social and political organizations

Cato Institute
[IMAGE] Progress and Freedom Foundation
Transnational radical party
MIT Extropians
Natural Law PartyNatural Law Party
Hate Watch HateWatch is a non-profit organization that monitors activities of hate groups on the Internet.
[IMAGE] United Nations
[IMAGE] CIA The role it plays in the society is worth studying if not supporting.
* Moscow Libertarium
NRA NRA (National Rifle Association)

Space Exploration

The Planetary Society
NSS National Space Society
SETI SETI League - see also SETI at Home
o First Millennial Foundation
Artemis Society Artemis Society - building a private Lunar Base.
The most efficient agency for launching American taxpayers' money into space.
IslandOneIsland One Society - Space exploration


NCN New Civilization Network - great collectiomn of socially responsible groups and references
MENSA MENSA Your IQ should be higher than that of 98% of American population. This requirement makes MENSA one of the easiest groups on this list to join. Still, it has a number of interesting activities and interest groups.
GBN Global Business Network
An interesting dual formation of a business and a think tank.
Club of Rome Club of Rome
SPR - Stop Prisoner Rape
Voyager VoyagerCo
They compress more ideas into their CD-ROMs than any other publisher - and manage to stay in business.
SAS Logo Society for Amateur Scientists
[INI Logo] Information Networking Insitute
World Game Institute
KLI The Klingon Language Institute
LFS Libertarian Futurist Society
First Virtual - First Internet bank
[IMAGE] Realist Wonder Society
ISGS International Society for General Semantics
CSICOP The CSICOP/Skeptical Inquirer
[IMAGE] Synergy Solutions Network
o Montague Institute
o Temple of Inner light - Psychedelic church.
The Church of Common Sense
Primenet has many links to other interesting organizations

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