Institute of Memetic Engineering is an unregistered title for my personal efforts in understanding, and facilitating the development of, the planetary ecology of intelligence.

The big name and the grandiose agenda may sound embarrassingly loud for a humble Russian immigrant - but still more embarrassing seems the fact that the single most important global process is getting no serious public attention.

A lot of effort is directed at speeding up existing information currents and facilitating access to them, many groups are working hard to push their own ideas and influence the distribution of ideas that affect their interests, but I do not know of any serious institutional effort that would research (not speaking of facilitating the development of) the architecture of the global body of knowledge and its evolutionary path.

The term "Memetics" was suggested by Richard Dawkins and refers to an emergent discipline studying the [co]evolution of ideas.

My personal effort in "Memetic Engineering", besides studying evolutionary and system theory, cybernetics, futurology, memetics itself, and a variety of novel theories and suggestions, such as Idea Futures and Rupert Sheldrake's morphogenetic fields hypothesis, included writing articles on the future ecology of intelligence, interpretations of the existing (and virtual) manifold of ideas as a [locally Cartesian] semantic space, idea futures, and special features of control systems under non-Cartesian space topologies (many phenomena characterizing our usual (3+1)D space-time - from limited space to existence of prime locations to limited transportation speeds to the fact that you can't place many enough objects near each other - are largely irrelevant to, e.g., effectively non-Cartesian structure of today's communication networks - and so are many conventional economic theories developed for entities operating in the physical space).

I am also promoting ideas on developing Automated collaborative Filtering systems that can turn into a global Semantic Transport system and, later, into distributed intelligent Web.

In an attempt to develop bridges between the somewhat isolated islands of wisdom in cyberspace, I compiled and maintain a list of about 100 most interesting (IMO) Internet mailing list descriptions and contact references.

Mostly, these lists discuss frontier scientific, technological and philosophical concepts, futurist philosophy, promote ideas of liberty, economic freedom, various alternative intellectual activities and lifestyles, advanced educational methods, etc.

This List of Recommended Mailing Lists is now just a mouse click away...

There are many other ideas and projects that I would like to advance, but unfortunately I have very limited time and resources to make as much progress in this direction as I would like.

I would be very happy to see these efforts funded, and will greatly appreciate any advice on how to obtain financial and organizational support for this work.

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