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Best mailing lists on the Net

In an attempt to build bridges between the somewhat isolated islands of wisdom in cyberspace, I have compiled a selected list of about 100 Internet mailing list descriptions, contact addresses and related data that I consider likely to be of interest to any sufficiently intelligent person.

These lists discuss frontier scientific, technological and philosophical concepts, futurist philosophy, promote ideas of liberty, economic freedom, various alternative intellectual activities and lifestyles, advanced educational methods, etc.

I recommend you to look into the full ASCII version of this guide for more detailed descriptions of publicly advertised interesting mailing lists as well as info on many lists that are not publicly advertised.
[Some of the information in the ascii guide may be no longer valid, as I haven't updated it in a while]

Here, you can directly access information on the following mailing lists:

The following lists (and a lot more) are available via Neosoft's Publicly Accessible Mailing Lists:

For a comprehensive guide on mailing lists, I recommend you to look at E-mail Discussion Groups list from Interlinks.

A list of mailing lists that are run for free (with commercial ads at ther end of each message) can be found at www.onelist.com You can also use this service to start your own mailing list.

And finally, there are Two mailing lists where I share my own ideas with self-selected groups of subscribers.

Newsletters and periodicals


After you subscribe to lots of mailing lists, you may want to look at the available Mail Clients I would especially recommend Eudora 4.0 - an excellent mail reader for PC or Mac.

If you need a private access to your mail from anywhere in the world, consider using Hushmail - a fully encrypted free email service.

If you already have a mailing list, you may consider using Critmail to make your archives available in linked hypertext form.

Please e-mail me at mail sasha1@netcom.com if you want me to add something to this list or have any comments.

I would also recommend you to visit the ListWebber which allows you to search through messages of many good mailing lists.

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