This is a working paper in progress. Please contact Sasha Chislenko with any suggestions or criticisms.

HEDG: Hyper-Economy Development Group

HEDG is a small distributed research group working on theory and practical implementations of multi-agent systems combining flows of knowledge and value data. The HEDG pages at this point are a working communication medium for the group.

Purpose of the project

To develop a theoretical model of a distributed system of combined value and knowledge exchange among multiple agents, create prototype software implementations of the model, and compare its performance with centralized scheduling systems and purely value-exchange economic systems. Our goal is to develop a better understanding of knowledge and value representation flows in complex systems, create a software model, and implement prototypes starting with a more efficient banner exchange system for Websites.

HEDG Mailing lists

The group has two moderated lists for discussion of theory of hyper-economics and implementation issues by active HEDG group members. Discussion topics include: economic model terminology and design approaches, system architecture, algorithms, coding and other implementation issues, and documentation. To be included into HEDG list, visit HEDG subscription page.

Other documents

Presentation on hypereconomy for ISAS'98 conference, in HTML or Word'97 format (full version with graphs).

List of HEDG participants

Software model and project plan

Task list

We may want to do these things in near future See Hypereconomy plans at for more details.

Relevant Web links

Idea trading

Last updated: March 23, 2000