Hyper-Economy Development Group participants

Sasha Chislenko [sasha1@netcom.com] - Project Leader

Madan Ramakrishnan  [madanr@mit.edu] - MIT student, worked on initial Java model

Jon Pearce [jpearce@mit.edu] - Current developer

Ian Wright [Ian_Wright@Playstation.sony.com]

Joel Shellman [mailto:joel@tou.com]  - Developer of innovative TrafficX Exchange.

Stephan Vladimir Bugaj [cthulhu@cthulhu-dynamics.com-  A developer of advanced information systems.

Steve Moyer [solutions@ix.gen.com]- Leader of the NODES project, Synergy solutions, Spiritual economy mailing list.

Maksim Otstavnov [mailto:maksim@volga.net] - Editor, "Compunomika" monthly (in Russian), consultant in advanced IT projects, management maintainer of The Russian PGP HomePage.

Juri Nebieridze : [jnebieridze@usa.net] - Russian researcher.

At this point, Jon Pearce is continuing work on the code started by Madan. Others offer criticisms and other assistance as they have time for, and plan to integrate the model with systems they are working on.  We may include somebody else into the group as well.  The point is not to draw lots of people, but keep it a small and efficient technical group.

Last updated November 18, 1998

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