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[IMAGE]Some noteworthy essays on cyberphilosophical issues

(I assume you already read my essays on Cyborgs, Mind Age, and Enhanced Reality, and my other works [IMAGE])
o Extropian Principles by Max More
o The Idea of Smart Contracts and Formalizing and Securing Relationships on Public Networks by Nick Szabo
o Hypertext Publishing and Evolution of Knowledge by K. Eric Drexler.
o The Calculus of Identity by Anders Sandberg
o The Next economy by A. Michael Froomkin
o "The Semiosphere" by Jesper Hoffmeyer
o Markets and computation: Agoric Open Systems by Mark S. Miller and K. Eric Drexler.
oA Magna Carta for the Knowledge Age by Esther Dyson[IMAGE], George Gilder, George Keyworth [IMAGE], and [IMAGE]Alvin Toffler.

o The Crypto Anarchist Manifesto by Timothy C. May

o Taming The Electronic Frontier by [IMAGE]Brad Cox
oSociety, Cyberspace and the Future by Bruce Murray

o Essays on foundations of Transhumanism o ZERO NEWS DATAPOOL - another collection of excellent essays.
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