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Recently I visited Houston, here are some pictures courtesy of Greg Burch

Shurik Sasha in Black

I was born December, 2 1959.

<--- Here is what I looked like when I was young, thoughtful and hopeful...

---> And this is me today.

What do you think? :-)

In 1982, I got my M.S. in mathematics, Computer Science and education from the Mathematical Department of Leningrad State University, in former Leningrad, former USSR.

Worked in industry, academia and as a freelancer on various software, research and educational projects. Also took part in a number of different movements, and used to read like crazy. Now I mostly write.

Favorite occupations: hanging around with my son, observing the development of the Universe and peeking into all advanced theories and projects I can find. I consider myself a futurist thinker, and like theorizing on all sorts of subjects, both for the joy of the growing understanding of the world and in hope to influence things. Understanding seems to be going ahead of the influence, so far. Maybe, that's normal.

Currently, I work at Intelligenesis Corp. - a New York based AI company, as a director of collaborative filtering group, making my old dreams of improving knowledge flows a reality via collaborative filtering of information. In 1996-1997 I attempted to do the same at Firefly, but the little bug got eaten by creatures that didn't appreciate its promise :-(

Between these jobs, I spent a wonderful year in Marvin Minsky's Society of Mind group in the MIT Media lab.

I like taking part in various technologically interesting and socially useful ventures. If you want to develop some interesting knowledge-based service on the web, i.e. a reputation broker, or have a writing or speaking proposition I may be interested in, please let me know. I will complain about total lack of free time, then will give in.

Here is my professional resume.

I also have a few hobbies, and you can catch me mushroom hunting, dancing, playing Russian Checkers online or taking aerobics classes.

I often complain about my age, but actually, it's my favorite age so far - I understand more things and feel better than ever, and find equal pleasure talking to old academics and dancing with kids.

It looks even like I have made too much progress in my pursuits. It's been a while since I had engaging discussions with normal people on the topics of my serious interest. Recently, a similar thing happened with my exercise and dancing hobbies. Now, I am working on my emotional expression and motivational structure. Here I probably lag more, so it will take a few more years until I find myself unable to share anything with anybody...

Getting increasingly liberated from made-up social norms that more and more look to me like peacocks' mating rites, I find myself in an increasing conflict with people who still live by them - and increasingly so, with rapid aging of my Russian ex-peers, and progressive loss of liberty in the once free [?] American society. Dangerous mixes of adventurism and personal openness often leave burns on my thin skin. It must be pretty much scaled by now if you look from the inside. But then, life is never boring.

A few more random pictures

You can find more information on my recent work and interests on my public home page.
My Geek code is:

GP/IT/S* e*>$ W* d- s- a(?) c++++$ U P> N++ K++++ w M> V$ PS+++ PE++ Y++@
tv--@ b+ Dl++++ r

You can contact me at: sasha1@netcom.com or sasha@media.mit.edu
PHONE Or call: (617) 864-3382 (home, till 2am)

Here is my vCard of Alexander ChislenkovCard. Please add it to your address book!
If you want to send me some physical objects, please direct them to:


Alexander Chislenko,
6 McLean Pl. #5
Cambridge MA 02140-2437 USA

If you think of visiting me, you may want to look at the map of Cambridge, or map of its North-West, or ASCII maps of my neighborhood.

Thanks a lot.

Sasha Chislenko.

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