Alexander Chislenko
6 McLean Pl. #5 Cambridge MA 02140
Tel. (617) 864-3382
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Job History

April 2000 - present

100x Ventures
Chief Scientist

March 1999 - March 2000

Intelligenesis Corporation.
2000 - Director of Recommendation Systems.
1999 - Director of Mind Mining.

October 1997-February 1999

MIT. Researcher with the Society of Mind group at the Media Lab. Research of architectures and evolutionary patterns of natural and artificial complex systems built from multiple agents, content-aware media, semantic spaces, and integration of cognitive and economic mechanisms.


Firefly Network, Inc. Senior Software Engineer, working on the Automated Collaborative Filtering (ACF) software. Responsibilities included development of the feature-guided recommendation server architecture and recommendation algorithms. Also, wrote papers on perspectives of the ACF technology and its social implications.


Write and occasionally lecture on perspectives of advanced computing and Internet development, and philosophy of technology in general. Take part in development of a number of Websites, on a pro bono and consulting basis.


Software House, Inc. Senior Software Engineer.
Designed and developed real-time security systems software, including communication programs, device drivers, CCTV control system, a partial Fortran-to-C converter, packages of generic mathematical routines for strings and abstract sets handling. Created a number of software productivity tools. Internationalized company's software. Maintained Internet tools.


"Soft Union" (USSR). Freelance programmer and group leader.
Projects included: evolutionary and cooperative games, diet optimization package, language-independent spell-checker. Responsibilities: system design, programming, small company management.


Soviet Academy of Sciences, Institute of Informatics. Developed:
- Metadata-based system for menu-driven query generation on expanding database. Design and programming. INGRES, C, Unix.
- Model expert system for DBMS evaluation (MS-DOS, PROLOG).
- PROLOG-tutoring hypertext-like system with executable parts.
- a specialized text compression program
Also, lectured and wrote articles on PROLOG use, expert systems and database design. Managed the Institute's Computer Science program for gifted high school students.


Design Bureau for Automated Machines and Robotic Systems, USSR.
Designed and developed:
- network routing optimization program
- CAD surface representation and smoothing programs using spline techniques and optimization algorithms
- generic multidimensional optimization package
- CIM short-term planning and real-time software for inventory control and machine tool load optimization
- bitmap-graphics package for mechanical drawings output


1977-1982. Leningrad State University, USSR. M.S. in Mathematics, Computer Science, Education.

Continuing Education

Courses in computational theory, AI, cognitive science, software agents, contract theory, game theory, biochemistry, C++, Motif, economics, biology, psychology, philosophy, environmental studies, demographics, physics, astronomy, education, speed-reading, and other subjects, mainly at Leningrad University, Harvard, Tufts, Boston University and MIT.

Currently (spring 1998) taking Game Theory, Biochemistry and the "Society of Mind" courses at MIT.


World Future Society (board member of the Greater Boston Chapter), Extropy Institute (main editor of Extropy Online), Hypereconomy Development group (founder and group leader), Foresight Institute, Electronic Frontier Foundation, International Paleopsychology group.


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