New additions


Added Google WWW Search - looks at quality of the page and actually works! to the Services page

Added Intelligenesis to the Organizations page and removed Firefly as dead :-(

30 January 1999

Fixed a whole bunch of links - yes, again.
Added Slashdot to the list of publications and references.

1 February 1999

Added a number of mailing lists to the mailing lists guide.
Added Bill Wilson to the thinkers page.

28 January 1999

Updated Thinkers website reorganization proposal
Added Martin Heidegger to the thinkers page.

18 January 1999

Added Intelligent Humor mailing list to the humor page and the mailing lists guide.

13 January 1999

Added Russian Shito-Ryu Karatedo Federation to the Karate page.

Recent changes to my pages

12 January 1999

Added Conway's game of Life to AI and play pages.
Added Adbusters Magazine to the list of publications and references.
Updated Newsfilter and Hypereconomy project pages.

11 January 1999

Added College admission essay to the humor page

10 January 1999

Added Alexander T. Shulgin and Halcyon List of thinkers to the thinkers page.

Put a draft working paper for Newsfilter project online.

7 January 1999

Added Thomas Edison and Olaf Stapledon to the thinkers page, and reorganized the Candidates section (help wanted for better classification)
Added Visionaries mailing list to the thinkers page and the mailing lists guide.

26 December 1998

Cleaned up links.
Added Critmail to the mailing lists guide and the Software page instead of Hypermail.
Added Links2Go and LinkAlarm to the Web services page
Added MCF Tutorial to Semantic Web essay

23 December 1998

Added World Future Society mailing list to the World Future society page and the mailing lists guide.

15 December 1998

Added Edward DeBono to the thinkers page.

1 December 1998

Fixed the link to ListWebber in the mailing lists guide

24 November 1998

Added In Memory of Sexually mutilated Child to the circumcision page

Added Estimated IQs of some of the greatest geniuses to the thinkers page.

21 November 1998

Added Open directory project to the Web services page
Added link to Claude Shannon to the thinkers page.
Added Property Laws of a Toddler to the humor page

17 November 1998

Added Collection of Future links by Joel de Rosnay to the World Future society page.
Added Club of Rome to the Organizations page.
Added Omar Khayyam and Technoprophets to the thinkers page.
Fixed Web searches on thinkers page.

15 November 1998

Added Z Corporation - manufacturer of 3D printers - to the Organizations page.

12 November 1998

Added 2600 - The Hacker Quarterly to the list of publications and references Started redoing the Games and Entertainment page.

10 November 1998

Added Science Fiction mailing list and MAPS Forum (International psychedelic discussion group) to the mailing lists guide
Updated Web services page, massage and Karate pages.

More HTML and link fixes all over the site.

28 October 1998

Added a bunch of new links, deleted old ones, redid the ads, added service functions, etc. Too much work to list it all here. Look around the site ;-)

25 October 1998

Added Animal liberation mailing list mailing lists guide.
Considerable cleanup of the site.

2 October 1998

Added link to Dewey B. Larson to the thinkers page, and new link to Patrik Gunkel.

24 September 1998

Added The Great Books of Western Civilization Cafe to to the thinkers page and mailing lists guide.

10 September 1998

Added Temple of Inner light - Psychedelic church and Organizations page
Fixed URL of Boston Anarchist Drinking Brigade on the Boston page

10 August 1998

Cleaned up the site, updated stale links, added new links to thinkers, karate, and massage pages.
Added Russian 3rd Millenium site to Russian and Future pages.
Jason's Freethinking Polymath pages to the Backlinks page

7 May 1998

Added URLs for Patrik Gunkel (author of ideonomy), C. S. Peirce (American philosopher, pragmatist), Chris Langton (father of ALife), and Gregory Bateson (anthropologist, early memeticist) to the thinkers page.

3 May 1998

Added Liberator OnLine to the mailing lists and newsletters page.

31 March 1998

Added Smart drugs mailing list to my mailing lists guide.

10 March 1998

Added Transhuman technology page to AI links
Added Transhumanist mailing lists to my mailing lists guide.
Added World Transhumanist Association and EDGE.ORG to Organizations page

2 March 1998

Updated my resume
Some changes to thinkers page: Replaced Chomsky with Natasha Vita More (after having listened to both), fixed links to Vernadsky and Sri Aurobindo, added link to an interesting account of the life of Giordano Bruno.
Added HEDG - Hyper-Economy Development Group to the Organizations page

23 February 1998

Added Educational and organizational challenges in the changing world to the World Future society page
Added MIT Press Bookstore Author Events to the Events list

17 February 1998

Added Anarchy Cookbook to the list of publications and references
The Kung Fu Movie Store to the list of karate page
Added Positive notes newsletter to mailing lists page
Added The Dust List to the humor page

11 February 1998

Added Extropy Online and
The Journal of Artificial Societies and Social Simulation to the index of periodicals

1 February 1998

Added TransSurf translation service to the Web services page

21 January 1998

Added Sponsors and money page
Added Aphorisms by category to the humor page.

19 January 1998

Added Sponsors and money page
Added Thanshuman tech list to the mailing lists page

6 January 1998

Added an essay The Society of Mind requires an economy of mind by Ian Wright to links in my article on hyper-economy.
Split Massage page into massage links and massage books

4 January 1998

Added links to Karl Marx and Vladimir Lenin to the Thinkers page. To the Kooks and Villains section, of course ;-)
Added Seth Russell's AI Conjecture and AI links to the Semantic Web text.
Added The American Cryonics Society, Cato Institute and The Hemlock society to the Organizations page

28 December 1997

Included a back link to Dr. Matrix sites of Science Excellence

22 December 1997

Added James Wm. Lewis to the Bostropians page.
Added new W3C Validator for HTML 4.0
Added The Next economy by A. Michael Froomkin to essays page and hyper-economy links,
Added Hypermail to mailing lists and software pages.

16 December 1997

Added "The Semiosphere" by Jesper Hoffmeyer to essays pages.
Added AIVR corporation to AI/VR and fun pages

14 December 1997

Integrated the site with MetaSearch and ClickTrade in various ways.

If the site can make enough money with ads to cover its own promotion, it can expand without stealing food from its Webmaster. Hmm...

12 December 1997

Added METASEARCH to the Web services page

11 December 1997

Updated stukach page with recent developments.
Added a couple of nice references at the end of the hypereconomy essay

9 December 1997

Added ClickTrade and DISINFORMATION Search Engine to the Web services page
Started modifying the site to use ClickTrade.
Added MIT Extropians page to appropriate pages.
Added Stukach page to Russian resources
Removed mind-machines and Quanta mailing lists (no longer there)

29 November 1997

Added Future Scenarious in HotWired and Transhumanist Art Center to the World Future society page

28 November 1997

Added a few things to the humor page.
Included Adamantine Press into the World Future society page
Added Boston-Ravers site to the Boston page

26 November 1997

Updated the text on complex systems and "hypereconomy" with more ideas, examples, and references. It starts looking much better.

Also, changed my picture, added some ads (I am still trying various methods of achieving higher visibility of my pages, with a zero cost; hope they are not too annoying).

20 November 1997

Added Hayek List to the maling lists page

16 November 1997

Added Eric's Treasure Trove of Scientific Biography to the thinkers page
Added future links and periodicals.
Added Markets and computation: Agoric Open Systems by Mark S. Miller and K. Eric Drexler to the essays page.
Included more canddates into Thinkers page. It needs major redesign...

10 November 1997

Added a small idea piece on complex systems and "hypereconomy" and a newly found little text on classes of theories to my essays page.
Added Spiritual Economy mailing list to the mailing lists page

5 November 1997

Montague Institute to the Organizations page

1 November 1997

Added Rate of Human problems to the World Future Society page.
Added WebWolf to the Web Services page
Added Effective daily affirmations to the Intelligent humor page

30 October 1997

Added participation page
Added Phil Goetz to the Bostropians page

26 October 1997

Added Kooks museum to appropriate pages.
TrafficX Exchange to the Web services page
Added European IQ test to the Education page

17 October 1997

In the last few days, updated links all over the site. Some extra additions to Thinkers page, and a number of new buttons for backlinks and notification.
Also, shrank most of the site graphics, to load pages faster and decrease the load on the server. Please tell me if anything is broken.

10 October 1997

Added Humorous computer quotes from some famous software people to the humor page

5 October 1997

Added Animated backgrounds page - hope it will become popular

28 September 1997

Added College admission essay to the humor page
Added the first draft of a new essay, on technology and human architecture, to the essays page.

18 September 1997

Put online a draft proposal for the Thinkers site development to solicit people's comments.

7 September 1997

Added Boston Mycological club to the Boston page;
Added several "candidates" to the Thinkers page
Updated my Essays page

15 August 1997

Added Novelty Theory mailing list to the mailing lists guide.

13 August 1997

Added [IMAGE] The Vision Center for Futures Creation to the World Future Society page.
Added CRIT mediator and AlexaAlexa to the Web services page

27 July 1997

Added Complexity and Management mailing list to the mailing lists guide
Fixed my humor essay - text was broken.
Added Martial Arts TV Network to the karate page.

21 July 1997

Added Alan Turing to the thinkers page.

16 July 1997

Added books to the massage page, updated links all over the place (when will we have a reactive Web that will do it itself?!).
Added a dosen book subpages to the thinkers page.

26 June 1997

Added a brief text on Aerial robotics to my Essays page .
Added GENIUS-L to the best mailing lists

25 June 1997

Added MERL - Mitsubishi Electric Research Laboratory to the organizations page.
Added Signposts Timeline - predictions of human future for the next 600 years to the World Future Society page.

20 June 1997

Updated Metadata information in most pages.
Added Snapshots The Cartoon to the humor page.

17 June 1997

[IMAGE]Han Huang to the list of bostropians
Added Friedrich Hayek to Thinkers page
Put Paleopsychology Manifesto online.
Updated the Semantic Web proposal

15 June 1997

Added ISPO Information Society Project Office of the European Commission. to the organizations page.
Added my vCard of Alexander ChislenkvCard to my personal page
Updated my resume, it's now in HTML.
Added info on The Fifth Foresight Conference on Molecular Nanotechnology to appropriate pages.

12 June 1997

Added AI Intelligence to AI page
Updated Essays, AI and events pages.
Started writing the Semantic Web proposal

10 June 1997

Added Factasia to the World Future Society page.
Updated my personal page, resume, and some essays.

9 June 1997

Added Science Fiction Worlds of Jeffrey A. Carver to the Hot links page
Restructured and expanded the main page
Updated Institute of Memetic Engineering page.
Added Global Brain mailing list and Boston-raves mailing list to the mailing lists page
Added some candidates to Great Thinkers and visionaries page.

22 May 1997

Added Distant Star magazine to the publications page;
Added First Millennial Foundation and High Or Partnership Enterprize to appropriate pages.

9 May 1997

Added events section, graphics and other modifications to the World Future Society page.

9 May 1997

Added PHILOFHI (PHILosophy OF HIstory and theoretical history) and PSYCHE list to the mailing lists page
Added Scenarios, Inc to the World Future society page.

23 April 1997

This is my first day on the 2-month sabbatical from my work. Hopefully I will have time to improve my website.

Added League for Programming Freedom to the organizations page.

18 April 1997

Added EFFector Online to references and periodicals page.
Added Contemporary Renaissance Futures to the World Future society page.

15 March 1997

Added several book links to the thinkers page.

9 March 1997

A list of my co-authors on the upcoming book from American Library Association is now available at http://www.lucifer.com/~sasha/refs/ALAbook.html
Added U.G. Krishnamurti to the thinkers page.
Added reference to Augmented Reality page where it belongs.
Added Freedom Ring to the Organizations page.

7 March 1997

Added a posting on Philogeny, ontogeny and personality uploads to my essays page

22 February 1997

Added a text on the nature of humor to my essays page

18 February 1997

Added Loka institute to the organizations page. Updated essay on Automated Collaborative Filtering - now version 0.65!

15 February 1997

Added Stuart Kauffman to the thinkers page.
Added Bandwidth Conservation Society to the organizations page.