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Book: Circumcision, What It Does

(See also: In Memory of Sexually mutilated Child )
You can order Circumcision, What It Does (ISBN 0-9616792-3-9) online from from Amazon bookstore. It is also available for US$8.45 (US Funds only) from the publsiher: C. Olson, POB 100-X, Santa Cruz, CA 95063-0100.
You can contact the publisher at ClayOlson@aol.com if you have any special questions.
This, and other books on circumcision are also available online from Amazon.

Online Review of "Circumcision, What it Does"

"Circumcision is an embarrassing subject. To talk openly about it is taboo. We know it by association with religion, but otherwise only through jokes and urban legends. Most people don't know much about it, and parents don't think about it until they have to. The great majority of American men are circumcised--but why? Shouldn't we know more? Indeed, there is a lesson here--a fascinating, yet deeply disturbing one--for those willing to discover it....

"Boyd deals frankly and openly with the denial, fear, pain, anger, myths and ignorance surrounding circumcision."

--Geoffrey T. Falk, (c) 1996, Circumcision Information and Resource Pages

Did You Know?... (Factlist about circumcision from the book)

Circumcision: What It Does can help you educate yourself on an issue of vital importance to the health and well-being of our children--and to our sexual fulfillment as adults.

What readers & reviewers are saying about the book Circumcision: What It Does

"Thank you for this contribution to male awakening."
"What a jewel of a book."
"Excellent--the right mixture of personal, scientific, and political."
--Jed Diamond, author, The Warrior's Journey Home: Healing Men's Addictions, Healing the Planet
"A highly useful, supportive resource book for men who have been adversely affected by their circumcision. [It] should be very helpful in reestablishing lost feelings of autonomy."
--Hanny Lightfoot Klein, author, Prisoners of Ritual: An Odyssey into Female Genital Mutilation in Africa
"Persuasively debunks every argument in defense of circumcision, offering insights into the historical, cultural and medical evolution of the practice. [The author] displays particular sensitivity to issues of religion, health, sexuality and parental and infant rights. If you're trying to make a decision about circumcision or want to know more about it, read this book."
--Sexuality Library / Good Vibrations, San Francisco
"Well done."
"I really enjoyed your book. I was circumcised after my marriage twenty-four years ago and I have had wildly fluctuating thoughts over the wisdom of my action."
"Terrific...Thank you for writing your wonderful book."
--John A. Erickson, Gulf Coast Infant Circumcision Information Center
"I checked 'yes' on the hospital form that asked if I wanted my boy to be circumcised. I never gave a second thought about it until I read this book, reluctantly at first. I don't think I wanted to face the reality of what I had allowed the hospital to do to my baby. This is not a book to be tossed aside. I wish it had been written sooner."
--The Family Tree
"I never thought about my circumcised state. It was normal for me. You've made me conscious about a mutilation I did not want, but was unable to stop."
"A powerful argument against 'genital mutilation.' Debunks as well as raises health concerns, and discusses cultural and religious issues."
--Big Books from Small Presses
"As a social activist and cultural healer, [the author] addresses this sensitive topic with clarity and feeling. I particularly benefited by reading his Principles of Inter-Tribal Criticism."
--Family Vision Quest
"I was extremely impressed. You have undertaken a challenging subject without the self-righteousness and judgmental overtones that often accompany such undertakings. It's a thoroughly researched and compelling piece of work and a sensitive handling [of] the issue of anti-Semitism. Expressed with fervor but in no way a diatribe...a well-balanced historical, cultural, and emotional overview."
--Ed Duvin, former editor, animalines
"Highly readable, soul-searching consciousness-raiser directed toward sexual fulfillment, with no gory photos. A free-thinker's must-have!"
"If God has created us in His image, then why should we try to improve on this by mutilating that image?"
"Sets forth the medical, historical, and anthropological background of the most common surgery performed in the United States, and argues persuasively for an end to this practice."
--Childbirth Graphics 1991
"Heartfelt thanks. Our first grandchild is soon to be born and we are concerned that, if a boy, he not become yet another victim."
"Thank you for your book! So many years I felt I was alone in my anger at being genitally mutilated. I felt that I was projecting onto my penis some other unresolved psychological problem. I have been alone with my grief. Unlike victims of sexual abuse, incest, sexism, etc., our culture has not yet entitled us to our grief and anger. Thank you for creating this space for me."
"I thought I would need a psychologist, but now I think perhaps forming a discussion or support group, along with organizing political action, would be more appropriate."
"I was horrified at the terrible, hidden realities surrounding a part of our society that I had never thought about one way or another."
"Like people who, in order to eat their meat in peace, don't want to know about battery [factory-farmed] chicken, I'm not sure if I like being circumcision-conscious."
"I was shocked at how close to my own experience all of the quotes were in Appendix E."
"I loved [the book] and hated it. It stirred up feelings and memories of my nephew's bris [circumcision ceremony]. As his godmother, it was necessary for me to partake. All my life, I accepted Jewish and non-Jewish male circumcision. My eyes opened with my heart when I saw my innocent nephew's pain. Your book has spoken out how I felt. Thank you."
"A lot of thanks for the book."
"I very much enjoyed your book. I am uncircumcised, and I didn't really realize the advantages of it for a long time. My wife was the one who most helped me realize what's special in matters sexual about a foreskin--her first husband was circumcised, so she understood the difference."
"Although your book made me quite depressed for a while, I think you have done a tremendous service to mankind by bringing this matter into the open. When I think about it, as I did after reading your book, I feel a sense of outrage that this was done to me, and a great regret that--for no reason--I have been denied the opportunity of the full expression of my sexuality. Incidentally, everything in Appendix E is true. With heartfelt thanks for all you have done and are doing."
"[The book] has quite 'blown me away' and I have nothing but the highest praise for it."
"Helpful and well written. At age 30 I was cut [circumcised] upon the advice of a physician to eliminate a very minor irritation on my glans. What happened was a disaster which will haunt me the rest of my life."
"...a most important resource in my teaching and counseling about circumcision."
"Thank you for your intelligent and courageous book. It was such a pleasure to read such an eloquently and clearly stated discussion of the issues."
"I have wanted this book all my life! As an uncut [uncircumcised] man, it has given me the support I have needed since I was 12 years old; with it, I could have avoided so much doubt and pain."
"Thank you very much for writing the book. As a psychotherapist, I found your emphasis on the feelings associated with circumcision very helpful."
"Until I picked up your book, I didn't realize there were others, so many of them, who felt as strongly as I do." v "Heartfelt thanks for bringing to print [this] issue. I had been told in Medical School that babies didn't really suffer during circumcision. After I heard the screams of [a] child and watched him turn purple, I knew I'd been lied to."
"I have generally spoken against circumcision when asked about it professionally and I periodically have tried to order a book on the subject to think more deeply about the issue. Your book fills the bill."
"...a book ahead of its time."
Subject: Kudos to You

Billy: these are from a friend of mine who happens to live with an
acquaintance of yours in Sacramento. Casey and I have only talked about
circ a couple of times and it has NEVER been a "cause" of hers (before).
Keep it up (the good work, I mean!).

Love, Tina

Subject: Aaaagh
Date: Tue, 06 Feb 96 17:05:00 PST

Dear Tina,

I am furious. Someone just announced their infant's circumcision
tomorrow. I jumped up and almost started shouting--Don't do it, don't do
it. He'll have nightmares for years, etc, etc. The general consensus was
that it's too late (can't break an appointment!) and he'll get over it,
etc. And it would be better now than later. Aaagh. At least I got my 2
cents in. The grandfather is paying for it. I never backed down. The last
thing I said was DON'T DO IT!

Gotta run,

See ya.


Subject: Hooray!!!
Date: Wed, 07 Feb 96 14:20:00 PST


I got Billy Ray Boyd's book on circumcision from my roommate. The
circumcision was scheduled for today. When I saw the student assist (the
dad) come in at noon, I figured it was too late. But he said it wasn't
done yet--it was this afternoon. I assumed it was a done deal, that he
and his family weren't interested at this point, but I offered him the
book anyway. Someone just dropped by to tell me that he called his
girlfriend and read her parts from the book, and they cancelled the
appointment. It would have been at 1:30 I think. I am sitting here
stunned. And deliriously happy.

My head is swimming. We did it!!!

Just wanted to pass on the good news! One more baby intact!!



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