Interesting Sites referencing my pages

Here I am building a collection of backlinks to the sites that reference my pages, and seem of interest. Some of them are referenced in my other pages. If you have a link to my pages, and would like a backlink, or just notice a reference from an interesting site I missed here, please send the URL of that page to me at

Article in Observer

[IMAGE] Anders Transhuman Page - subpages there also have several references to me and my works.
Bionomics Institute
Dr. Matrix sites of Science Excellence
[IMAGE] World Future Society / Greater Boston chapter home page
[IMAGE] Home page of Ron Hale-Evans
Derek Strong - a good friend of mine
Russell Whitaker's Interesting People
[IMAGE] Amara's Digital Web
o Jason's Freethinking Polymath pages
[IMAGE]Seeker1's CyberAnthropology Page
o Symposium on Theories and Metaphors of Cyberspace
[IMAGE] Idea Futures
o Bionomics page by [IMAGE] Brad Cox.
[IMAGE] Dave Krieger's Exceptional people
o Home page of Joe Edelman
o BGSU Department of Telecommunications resources
o New Riders' Official World Wide Web Yellow Pages
o Christian Jensen's Russian List
o Living Systems page
o Virian Net Resources

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