"Information Institutions: The Technological Imperative"

This is a preliminary web page for this book.
Below is the list of authors with their email addresses and online versions of their submissions:
( a highlighted name means a link to home page )

Alexander Chislenko sasha1@netcom.com Collaborative information filtering and Semantic Transports
Andrew Wohrley wohrlaj@lib.auburn.edu
Bruce Gilbert BG7601S@acad.drake.edu
Bruce Miller rbmiller@ucsd.edu
Charles W. Bailey cbailey@uh.edu
Clifford Lynch clifford.lynch@ucop.edu
David Goldman director@hatewatch.org
Duane Webster duane@cni.org
Gary Silver silverg@ohionet.org
Howard Besser howard@info.sims.berkeley.edu
Joe Lucia jpl3@lehigh.edu
John C. Matylonek matylonj@ccmail.orst.edu
Julien Clinton Sprott sprott@juno.physics.wisc.edu The Next Hundred Years: An Internet Survey
Karen G. Schneider kgs@onyx.interactive.net
Kevin C. Marsh KMarsh@information.org
Martin R. Kalfatovic LIBEM071@sivm.si.edu "Redefining the Library Meme: Memory and Imagination"
Marty Sullivan MSULLIVA@heard.org
Milton Wolf sfwolf@unr.edu
Pat Morris pmorris@bird.library.arizona.edu
Rob Kling kling@indiana.edu and Lisa Covi covi@umich.edu -- Digital Drift or Digital Shift?
Shelley E. Phipps sephipps@bird.library.arizona.edu
Steve Gillett gillett@seismo.unr.edu
Sue Myburgh sue.myburgh@unisa.edu.au
Terry D. Webb twebb@hawaii.edu
Toni Carbo carbo@sis.pitt.edu
Virginia M. Scheschy scheschy@admin.unr.edu

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