Re: virus: META: Should the list be moderated? (was Fund Raising via 900)

Marek Jedlinski (
Tue, 28 May 1996 23:40:06 +0200 (MESZ)

On Tue, 28 May 1996, Todd M Kuipers wrote:

> >A question for the list: would you rather put up with the odd
> >spam message like this one, or have a moderated list?
> Keep the junk mail! It adds an extra element of surprise. And shows real
> world applications of the spam meme... :)

Odd... One could think spammers are actually *welcome* here... Well,
Virus has been mostly noise-free so far and I see no reason for panic
just yet, but the repeated spam did irritate me a bit (when it came
the second time - this is big time insolence, IMHO). So while I do
appreciate the 'research potential' of the spam rubbish, I should
say there is enough of it around, no need to tolerate it here.

In response to David's question: no need to switch to the moderated
mode yet, but if things get worse I will vote in favor of the change.
The same way some people try to do what little they can to lessen the
depletion of natural resources - as by using less water for washing
dishes, say - the same way we should try to save bandwidth and our
time; but most of all, avoid *encouraging* spammers.

BTW: Did anyone write back to those guys? I did, just a brief
"thanks but no, thanks" - and my mail did not bounce, so their
account address appears to be valid. No response though (and none
expected, either...)

Another BTW: Because of the 'church' in the group name, and because
of the 'lucifer' in the domain name, the Virus site may be quite
vulnerable to unsolicited mail from certain, ahem, factions, wouldn't
you say? >:-)

Marek Jedlinski