Re: virus: META: Should the list be moderated? (was Fund

Todd M Kuipers (
Tue, 28 May 1996 13:56:22 -0600

At 11:56 AM 5/28/96 -0600, David McFadzean wrote:
>At 11:53 PM 27/05/96 -0700, EASYSTREET BROKERAGE wrote:

>A question for the list: would you rather put up with the odd
>spam message like this one, or have a moderated list? One
>disadvantage of having a moderated list (i.e. I would have to
>approve every message that gets sent out) is that traffic on
>the list would stop while I'm away from e-mail access.

Keep the junk mail! It adds an extra element of surprise. And shows real
world applications of the spam meme... :)

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