Re: virus: A Memetic Constitution

C. David Noziglia (
Fri, 31 May 1996 18:04:51 -0700 wrote:
>How about a constitutional convention for the Church of Virus? There's no
>way (at least not at this point in time) that we're going to institute a new
>constitution for the US of A.. or for Canada, for that matter, either! But
>if we could come up with some good memes, perhaps they would "catch on"!?
> MakakiloBob.

Not much reaction to the idea so far. I did have in mind doing some basic
thinking about the nature of government, and it's role in a modern society.
If you are interested in these questions, I would recommend "Turbulence in
World Politics" by Jim Rosenau. He actually deals with problems of political
structure in a context of complexity theory (hence the use of the term
turbulence). Comes up with some fun ideas, such as "fragmagration" for the
idea that institutions are becoming more local and more global at the same
time. Also with the idea that individual identity used to be more unitary,
but is today a far more complex and fractal phenomenon.

My idea was not that we rewrite the U.S., Canadian, Indian, or any other
extant constitution. I want to start from first principles, and write a
workable constitution for a society. If it be a cyber society, such as the
Church, OK, but I would prefer something that would have real impact in the
real world, designing a government that would effectively deal with other
governments, crime, business, human rights, property, environment, and other
real issues.

However, I propose, if any are interested, that we now start with the basics,
a preamble, if you will. What is the purpose of government, and how should
it be empowered to carry out that purpose?

C. David Noziglia
Wellington, New Zealand

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