virus: UFO meme

Jason McVean (
Fri, 21 Jun 96 17:38:31 MDT

I've noticed that certain memes seem to be becoming more and more
common in the last year or two. For example, UFOs and angels seem
to be appearing in the media quite frequently and are presented
quite matter-a-factly in many cases. While both may have been
around for quite a while, this serious treatment is new (to me at

Is this because more evidence is becoming available and better
research is being done? Or is it a case of the snowball effect
started by a few key shows or books (the x-files, alien autopsy)?

If these phenomena aren't real, then what is it that is so
appealing (infectious) about the memes. Have aliens and angels
taken the place of elves and witches (both bad and good) in our

Any thoughts?

Jason (trying to spark some conversation)

Dept. of Physics and Astronomy    University of Calgary