Re: virus: UFO meme

Ken Pantheists (
Sat, 22 Jun 1996 01:27:55 -0700

Twirlip of Greymist wrote:
> The Twilight people, always beyond the firelight, containing our ideals
> of light and darkness (Seelie Court/star-brothers::goblins/abducting
> aliens) The light of the 20th century reaches pretty far, so they've
> been pushed back. Now we see them lurking in orbit, but they're still
> the same: lurking, watching, darting across.

This is an expression of what I have seen termes as the post-modern

Twirlip also points something else out that I feel is very important
to analysing cultural symbols-- that they are a reflection of our
ideals. They are exists as reinforcements or subversions of our
society; of abstracted models of society; and of our consciousness--
our desires and fears.

I have just spent a very long time researching the vampire myth for my
master's thesis and have gotten to thge point where I want to puke
when I see shows on TV that ask "Vampires: are they real or a figment
of the imagination?" The truth is that they are both.

BTW. If you've never heard of the Chapucabras-- check out the page on
the web (Sorry, lost the url) it is a current "real" genuine
vampire/alien folk myth that is sweeping Mexico like wild fire. I find
it fascinating. The site also includes a number of very interesting
essays on the development of the myth and its relation to the current
socio-economic situation in Mexico. There are also a number of
politicians heading up Chapucabras task forces, hoping to capture and
kill the alien vampire.

Ken Pantheists