Re: virus: Skip ID4
Tue, 9 Jul 1996 00:50:42 -0500

>Aside from the transparent plot, jingoistic hooks, Gump-style emotional
>manipulation, this film commits the most aggregious example of a common
>cinematic crime: portraying technology as magic. Filmakers seem to think
>that movie audiences don't know anything about computers, aircraft, or
>other hardware and that we don't WANT to know anything. Not since Copycat
>have I seen such techno-mysticism.

I agree with your point on the mysticism-technology, perhaps science has
replaced mysticism as our new mythology. And his connection to a TOTALLY
ALIEN COMPUTER SYSTEM, I live on Earth, speak English, and Have a 56000K
connection to the net and I can't get connected that quick. I believe it
was extremely far fetched but I enjoyed it. I mean was Jurrasic Park that
My main qualm with the film is that it is perpetuating the core
reason that a variety of humans are racist and bigoted, if it is different,
kill it. Sure in the movie the aliens were "BAD" but why are they always
bad? I once saw an episode of "The Outer Limits" on Showtime and We
attacked the aliens cause they blew up one of our sattelites, when they
were using a direct laser link to the sattelite, they transmitted a video
of them saying something, and we freaked as a goverment. We launched and
they wasted us and the formerUSSR, their Message "We want to be friends"...