virus: Skip ID4

Mon, 8 Jul 1996 15:45:20 -0500

I don't want to start a long thread on this topic. If you disagree with
me, fine. I just want to warn any Virians who have yet to plunk down their
hard-earned cash to see ID4, it's stupider than you think.

I expected a stupid movie and lowered my expectations accordingly. Even
so, I found this movie to be offensive. I heard an NPR commentator
describe it as "crowd-pleasing." Read, "aimed at the lowest common
intelectual denomenator." Anyone with the slightest penchant for analysis
will be offended at the obvious contempt the filmakers (brought to you by
the director of Stargate) have for their intended audience.

Aside from the transparent plot, jingoistic hooks, Gump-style emotional
manipulation, this film commits the most aggregious example of a common
cinematic crime: portraying technology as magic. Filmakers seem to think
that movie audiences don't know anything about computers, aircraft, or
other hardware and that we don't WANT to know anything. Not since Copycat
have I seen such techno-mysticism.

I've already said more than I intended. My advice is to skip ID4 and go
see Phenomenon. Take care. -KMO

Resistance is futile.