Re: virus: Skip ID4

Jason McVean (
Tue, 9 Jul 96 14:00:50 MDT

> so, I found this movie to be offensive. I heard an NPR commentator
> describe it as "crowd-pleasing." Read, "aimed at the lowest common
> intelectual denomenator." Anyone with the slightest penchant for analysis
> will be offended at the obvious contempt the filmakers (brought to you by
> the director of Stargate) have for their intended audience.

I enjoyed the movie inspite of myself. However, I didn't enjoy
nearly as much as I should have. I expected there to be flaws
alright, but I figured it would hard to go too far wrong with a
good old-fashioned fight-the-evil-aliens-at-all-costs movie. I
guess I've just become too sensitized to bad science. I won't go
so far as to say I was offended but when they spend something
like 70 million on the movie you'd think they might spare a few
thousand consulting some people who know something about
science. To not do so indicates that they either don't care, or
don't realize how silly their science is. I can understand
ignoring a few physical laws when it is necessary for the story
but so often you see stupid science that could easily be avoided
without altering the story significantly. And am I the only one
whose getting tired of seeing Jeff goldbloom play incredibly
intelligent scientists who can instantly solve virtually any
problem with zero information? That's not really his fault but he
seems to be the guy they turn to when the script calls for a
quirky super-genius who doesn't work well with others..
Okay, I'm done ranting for now.


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