Re: virus: Power

Thu, 25 Jul 1996 07:23:10 -0500

Ken Pantheists wrote:

>The nagging thought comes in here. Richard (and, I guess, all of us as
>well) has sent two different messages regarding power.
>1) Memetics gives you back the power you have given away by making you
>conscious of the forces that influence you. (I think: Promotes
>advancement of humans as a whole--good)
>2) It is an eat or be eaten world of information out there and
>understanding memetics lets you really clobber your competitors. (I
>think: Promotes hidden agendas and turns memes into a currency for
>Both of them sell books =)
>Here's what I've come up with:
>(clomp clomp) -- the sound of me getting up on a soap box.
>"I think the Virian Church should promote the first one as the true path
>of Virianity."
>clomp clomp -- off soap box.
>Any takers?

Right here. Promoting consciousness, especially meme-consciousness is my
primary interest right now. I have no interest in laying out the new
toolbox for Madison Ave technitions.

Good post, Stephen. Thanks.

Take care, all. -KMO