Re: virus: Power

Shira Evans (
Thu, 25 Jul 1996 15:29:17 +0000


I enjoyed reading your post! :)

I find it somewhat disturbing that a position would need to be taken
by the Virian Church in regards to the following:

>1) Memetics gives you back the power you have given away by making
>you conscious of the forces that influence you. (I think: Promotes
>advancement of humans as a whole--good)

>2) It is an eat or be eaten world of information out there and
>understanding memetics lets you really clobber your competitors. (I
>think: Promotes hidden agendas and turns memes into a currency for

>"I think the Virian Church should promote the first one as the true
>path of Virianity."

While knowledge is a powerful force, part of its power comes from its
state of flux. If we try to determine a position for memes, wouldn't
we be mocking its true force? If fear of the "evil" power that memes
might give becomes the modivating factor for position, then we are
trapped by our own enlightenment.

Is it really possible for the Virian Church to promote "the true path
of Virianity"?