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Ken Pantheists (
Fri, 26 Jul 1996 12:39:42 -0700

Shira Evans wrote:

> The issue that I really would like for you and others to address is
> the need for memetics to be dealt with on the same level as "genetic
> material".

You have a supporter here. I said this when I first subscribed to the
list and I'll say it again here. The thing I like about memetics is it
addresses theimportance of information (culture, art) and how it
impacts, radically, upon our lives and our concept of self. The factthat
it is a science lends it a degree of, I don't know... credibility?

> Why the need to regulate or control? People will usually find ways to
> abuse whatever concepts they desire to abuse....

Yeah, I used the terms Good and Evil in a "toungue in cheek" manner. I
don't think anything we decide upon in this list is actually a control
or regulation as we have no means to enforce control. But I think it is
vgaluable for a community, particularily a "church" =), to discuss its
position. in this medium-- if you don't agree with it, as Tristen
doesn't, then it doesn't make you an outsider or a wrong-doer-- just
generates contaversy and a few excellent threads.

So-- how 'bout it. Genetic Ethics/ Memetic Ethics.

I, for one, would be severely pissed off if someone cloned me without
telling me.

I would feel even worse if I found out that that clone was bred only to
supply me with replacement body parts.

I think there is a memetic example of this relationship to be found in
modern advertising and (who knows?) maybe even social politics.

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