RE: virus: Power

Fri, 2 Aug 1996 22:37:19 -0500

Eric Hardison quoted me on the evils of alcohol and responded with:

>But legislation won't solve the problem.

I agree completely.

>Rarely have I come across an
>emotionally balanced, educated person who had an alcohol problem.

Well, a drinking problem generally disqualifies one from being a candidate
for the lable 'emotionally balanced.' Your statement borders on being a
tautology. As for never having known an educated alcoholic; you will. Go
to graduate school. I had a roommate who was working on his PhD in
psychology. His progress towards his degree was slow because he kept
derailing himself with his binge drinking.

>money the US Govt. spends on censoring activities and applying bandages
>to social problems would be much better spent on education and

Amen, brother.

As for your concerns about power accumulating in the hands of the few; I
would suggest that the situation you describe is the historical norm and
the rise of the net is beginning to alieviate that inequality by bringing
information, knowledge, and power to more people than ever. Still, your
fears about abuse of power are healthy fears.

Take care. -KMO

Resistance is futile.