Re: virus: Replication of Memes

Fri, 2 Aug 1996 22:44:44 -0500

Steve Upstill wrote:

>On an analytic level, I would contend that we are host to
>far more memes than could ever be expected to influence us
>to pass them on. The key elements are 1) the meme's
>self-containment sufficient to traverse info-vectors (which
>has interesting structural implications, to be sure), and
>2) its conformation with the cognitive structures of the
>host allowing it to take root there.

Could you unpack this a bit? What exactly should the phrase
"self-containment sufficient to traverse info-vectors" mean to me? Sounds
like your question might make for a productive thread, but at this point I
don't understand it.

Take care. -KMO

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