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Ken Pantheists (
Sat, 03 Aug 1996 11:18:16 -0700

Eric Hardison wrote:

> I think it is the job of the US government to produce citizens that
> satisfy both of those qualities ( or at least try to), but it is failing
> miserably in both areas -- especially in emotional education.

Pardon me?

Did I read this right?

The US government's job is to educate people emotionally. (????????????)


Most of my best work has come from my dialogue with emotional unbalance
and the fact that I probably drink too much.

Would that make my work unacceptable to the citizens of a country whose
government is undertaking this goal?

I have not read this section of the thread with as much detail as I
would like, and I am about to leave on a four day vacation. (Darn,
sounds like it will be good.) but I had to post my view, even if I risk
taking something totally out of context.

> It is the state of the education system that worries me though. How do
> you expect poorly educated people to properly take advantage of increased
> communication and information when they don't have the necessary skills?

What are you saying here?... that a homeless person or a heroine user
cannot communicate what it's like to be homeless or addicted to heroine?

How about this? rather than educate people to communicate, why not
educate people to listen?

> It will not empower the masses, but rather extend the power of those that
> already have it.

This may occur but I don't see a direct link between power and

There are many very educated gays in Canada and it was only this last
year that our country finally made it illegal to discriminate against

I see a more direct link between power and resources.

> As for the net, have you taken a good look lately? It's becoming nothing
> more than a way to make money.

This is true, but so what?

Is it not an opportunity for those "uneducated" people to grab a piece
of the action and generate some financial resources? Thereby garnering
more power?

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