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Sun, 4 Aug 1996 07:53:46 -0500

On 3 Aug 96 at 11:18, Ken Pantheists wrote:

> Most of my best work has come from my dialogue with emotional unbalance
> and the fact that I probably drink too much.

Are you an actor? If so, emotional balance is not the same as emotional
torment. Sometimes, matters of life are just plain more powerful than
anyone could deal with and tehy shatter a person. But wouldn't it be
better if people were taught how to deal with that anger, depression, or
elatedness? Wouldn't the world be better if people had patience and
understanding? An emotionally aware person is empowered to control his
own life. It doesn't take away from the thrill of living, it enhances it.

Recent studies have linked successful people with a high EQ (emotional
quotient). The skills required are a combination of inheritance and
practice (just like IQ). Everyone has room for improvement, and the most
important time is when they are young. So, I think it is the job of the
school system AND parents. There should be more cooperation/team work
between the two.

> Would that make my work unacceptable to the citizens of a country whose
> government is undertaking this goal?

I don't know what your work is.

> What are you saying here?... that a homeless person or a heroine user
> cannot communicate what it's like to be homeless or addicted to heroine?

No, I'm saying that our economy is changing from one based on industry to
one based on information. The most important commodity in the 21st
century will be information. It's called "Third Wave Economics". Only
those with the skills required to quickly make a sense of a complex world
will do well in the coming age. They will need to be able to leatn
quickly, listen well, adapt on the fly etc. This requires intense
training from a young age, and our current education is inadequate to say
the least.

> This may occur but I don't see a direct link between power and
> education.

Hopefully, you see one now.

> There are many very educated gays in Canada and it was only this last
> year that our country finally made it illegal to discriminate against
> homosexuals.
> I see a more direct link between power and resources.

Knowledge is the number one resource for the 21st century.

> This is true, but so what?

> Is it not an opportunity for those "uneducated" people to grab a piece
> of the action and generate some financial resources? Thereby garnering
> more power?

Maybe a study should be done on the education background of net
entrepreneurs. I think it would tell a tale of college graduates hard
pressed to earn more money in an increasingly competitive economy.
They're relying on their wits and intelligence in order to succeed, a
precursor to the 21st century economy.

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