Re: virus: Does God really exist?

Ingrid H. Tarien (
Wed, 21 Aug 96 12:16:57 PDT

>>>> >I'd like to add to the semantic argument at hand.

> [xian prattle snipped]

> Then why have you attempted to stir the already muddy waters? Adding is one
> thing, but we're looking for clear waters....

> >You see, the word belief (along with hope and
> >faith) requires emotion.

> Interesting contention. Totally baseless, of course. (Besides being lousy
> grammar....)
I apologize for my aparent poor grammar. You see I was writing this in
quite a hurry. That aside I'd like to hear your argument against what I
not the way I said it. If it's totally baseless, PLEASE give me an argument
that supports your point of view. As you have none stated, I can only
your continuing "to stir the muddy waters" yourself. Any child can use this
line of defense...
> >I'd like you to try to get through a day without
> >hope, belief, or faith.

> I do it constantly, but I'll fess up to a smidgen of hope now and then....

> >If you can do it, then I'll believe in Athiests [sic].

> Promises, promises....
I'm sorry my attempt at humor was wasted on you. I'll keep to simpler jests
you don't miss them in the future.


Why all the vitriol? Something tells me this shouldn't be a place to
vent aimless anger. However, despite your attempts at "put downs," children
are remarkably resourceful and creative before adult norms and expectations
permeate their being; perhaps we would all benefit from being more

Perhaps also, before you attempt to take on such big and serious questions,
you might take a closer look at your own self and examine where all this
is coming from.