Re: virus: Power (from WAY back)

Reed Konsler (
Wed, 21 Aug 1996 15:50:12 -0400

Ken Pantheists
>>Another example: Nike's other advertising logo "The swoop" looks (to me
>>anyway) like a check mark. Everywhere I see people walking around with
>>checkmarks on their chests and foreheads, like they've been approved by

Jazzminn Sommers
>Hm... To me, the check mark always gave me the impression that someone was
>counted as a mistake, as in the case of those red marks I got on my tests
>in certain classes I slept through in high school.

Dr. Seuss: The Star Bellied Sneeches. If we have stars on ours its good,
if they have stars on thar's it's bad. Body piercing, scarification,
tattoos, haircuts, clothing style, it's all kind of the same.

Reed Konsler