Re: virus: Telepathy

Wade T. Smith (
Mon, 26 Aug 1996 07:51:32 -0400

>>Studies have shown receptors for many
>>pheromones, but so far no producing mechanism among humans. At any rate-
>>this is a definite scientific avenue of exploration, [...]
>I wonder if such markers, exuded perhaps in times of great stress or trauma,
>could account for "ghostly" presences people sometimes claim to experience.
>We evolved to transmit and receive such markers
> -Ken

Again- the studies _have not_ shown any 'exuding' mechanism among humans.
The infamous 'smell of fear' is probably other things.

And it sounds like your mother has a knack for finding the places other
people like to sit at the beach. Is she into real estate?

The very real problem with inquiries into thing like 'why did you sit
there?' is the incredible amount of variables, coupled with the usual
answer given to direct interrogation- 'oh, just felt like it.'

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