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Vicki Rosenzweig (
Mon, 26 Aug 96 10:07:00 PDT

Dear Jazz,

I don't mean to insult you, but it seems possible that
people are reacting to you based on your initial judgments of
them. A friend of mine told me about someone she knew, who
claimed to be able to tell, on first meeting, whether she would
like someone. The problem was that if this person decided she
wouldn't like a new person, she was at best distant and usually
outright rude to them (since she "knew" they wouldn't become
friends). This turned out to be self-fulfilling, because the people
she expected not to like resented being treated rudely and
responded in kind.
On a much milder level, if you assume someone is
going to be (say) creative and emotional, you may deal with
them on that basis, or bring up subjects that seem appropriate,
which they'll be willing to discuss--and which the person you
see as withdrawn might have been just as willing to discuss.
In other words, I want something testable.

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Subject: Re: virus: Telepathy
Date: Friday, August 23, 1996 12:29AM

At 10:45 PM 22/08/96 -0300, you wrote:
>At 01:21 PM 8/22/96, you wrote:
>Is it really a hidden sixth sense that we have when communicating with
>others, or just the detection of subtle changes that we do not consciously
>detect but our brains do register? <snip> Perhaps a subtle change in
>body language and/or odour given off. I have read several articles on how
>people are stimulated by the natural scents that someone else gives off
>unconsciously. <more snippage>

Hm, I seem to have deleted someone's name here. Sorry if I'm misquoting.

I can tell when I go into a house where people do not get along well. I
attribute this to a keen sense of smell, thusly:

-- emotions are the result of chemical reactions.
-- certain chemicals are excreted through the skin by sweat, such as
-- the chemicals become airborne and affix themselves to the furnishings and
walls, ceiling and carpets.
-- the inhabitants of the house may be more likely to fight with these
scents lingering, and so perpetuate this cycle.
-- in walk I, and like a hunted animal I am on my guard...

Seems to explain, more or less to me anyway, how I can often read a person
upon the first meeting -- I am not usually fooled by initial appearances,
almost always get it right. It has bothered more than one person that I
seem to know everything about them just by being around for a few minutes.
(Also, I am quite intuitive and listen well.)


jazz sommers