Re: virus: Tools of the trade

Wade T. Smith (
Tue, 17 Sep 1996 17:13:14 -0400

>For my own part, I believe in the power of science. However, I
>equally believe that there is wisdom to be found everywhere and there
>are some questions which science, by definition, cannot even try to
>answer. This is where we require other tools.
>Martz <>

Oh dear. What other tools could you possibly be talking about? More to your
metaphor- what other _toolbox_ are you talking about, cuz that 3/5" wrench
may not be used too much, but it sure as hell is an in-this-universe
in-this-natural-world tool.

And what question may science 'by definition' not even try to answer?

Seems to me the only answers come from the scientifically explored world.

A lot of nice fairy-tales are not answers, and a lot of old fish-tales are
not questions.

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