Re: virus: Sexuality

Patricia & John Crooks (
Tue, 17 Sep 1996 13:44:54 -0500

>Note that in science, one of the best ways to become famous is to
>cogently oppose the standard interpretation of things. In the late
>1800's we thought we were on the verge of knowing it all - all that
>was left was a few details and anomolies. These became relativity,
>quantum mechanics, the interesting physics of the 20th century.
>Perhaps we have reached that point again, and thus some ideas _seem_
>entreched. But i have every confidence that when new data that
>disputes the current theories comes along, things can change drastically.
>This is one of the *VERY BIG* differences between science and
>fundalmentist religion.

How are you seeing that as being different? You aren't saying that
fundamental religion never undergoes drastic change are you? If you are you
would be indicating a serious lack in your education regarding theology and
the history of religion. The transistion from Judaism to Christianity to
Islam, or from another perspective, from Judaism to Catholocism to
institutional Protestantism to evangelical charismatic populist
Protestantism would be enough to refute that idea.

John Crooks