Re: virus: "supernatural"

KMO prime (
Fri, 20 Sep 1996 01:46:48 EDT


Thanks for providing us with the distinction between those people engaged
in a good faith investigation of the occult and the social parasites with
the monetary/control-oriented motive. BTW, I'm the one who picked out
the tv-psychics, palm-readers and astrologers as "the enemy." I'm glad
you were able to identify those aspects of "the enemy's" behavior that I
find repulsive and distinguish the parasites from a group of people who
might otherwise have been clumped in with "the enemy," but should not be
so classified.

> As to a closing note: yes, I do agree that "astrologers,
>and phone psychics are the enemy," but I believe this because of their
>methods and goals, not because of their field of study.

Well put. You obviously put great care into the formulation of that
post. Thanks. -KMO