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Fri, 20 Sep 1996 02:15:33 EDT

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Okay Kenneth, you got me. I think you'll need to turn the laconic
paragraph below into three our four pedantic ones before I'll know what
to make of it. Heck, I knew I should have finished that Tipler book. (I
really don't want to start a Frank Tipler is the man/an idiot thread.)

>However, there are STILL objective measurements possible. For
>[given a system of units], the 'proper time' a particle [or person,
>objectively rather than subjectively] experiences is objective--it
>matter how badly your measurements are distorted by frame shifts
>frames, etc.], the proper time is invariant [up to quantum-mechanical
>uncertainity]. [If its square is negative, that means the events are
>space-like, and there is no sublight causal relation possible between
>them. Until we have decent theoretical/experimental evidence, I'm not
>going to consider 'no preferred space-time factorization for FTL
>phenomena' as obvious. For sublight and lightspeed phenomena, there
>rather extreme support.]
>/ Kenneth Boyd