virus: Richard Brodie & Howard Bloom on "Laura Lee Show" Oct. 12

Richard Brodie (
Tue, 1 Oct 1996 15:11:18 -0700

Hi! First I want to thank you for telling your friends about my book and
generally spreading the "Virus of the Mind" meme. It's your word-of
mouth recommendations that have kept "Virus of the Mind" on Amazon.Com's
bestseller list for the past 20 weeks! I am very grateful. Among other
things, this is more proof that the Internet is a powerful new medium
for communication.

I'm very excited about being on "The Laura Lee Show" again, this time
with the noted political writer Howard Bloom, author of "The Lucifer
Principle" (see the blurb at Meme Central
( for more information on him
and his work).

We will be discussing how the new science of the meme sheds new light on
world politics and other issues. Bloom is a brilliant thinker, and it is
a privilege for me to have this on-air conversation with him. This is a
call-in show, so call in! The number is 1-800-800-LAURA.

We are scheduled to be on from 9-10 p.m. Pacific Time, Saturday October
12, 1996. The show is carried in most states. Check her web page,, for a station near you.

*** You can hear the show live over the Internet using RealAudio ***
Go to to hear the show. You
will need to download RealAudio (free) if you haven't already, so allow
a half hour or so to get that set up.

One more thing - as you may guess, I've become a big fan of the
Amazon.Com Internet bookstore (does this have anything to do with the
fact that "Virus of the Mind" has been on the bestseller list for 20
weeks? Nah...) and wanted to alert you to a fun and possibly lucrative
program they have: the Amazon.Com Associates program lets you design
your own bookstore on your own web page and have Amazon.Com do all the
work and send you a commission check for each book that anyone buys.
Check them out at For an example of such a
bookstore, see Meme Central at

All the best memes,


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