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Fri, 27 Sep 1996 00:11:15 -0500

Hello All...

I.m responding to two posts and send some stuff I sent previous, but seems to have got lost in

Lets start with the retransmission. If you've already seen this, sorry, but it never made it
back to my machine.

A Method Of Tarot Reading, Based On Randomness, Evolution, And Free Will:
1) Shuffle the deck. Lay out two cards. The first represents you. The second your
environment. If you don't like either of these cards replace them, until you find the ones you

2) Repeat Step 1 to get two more cards. You can't replace the first two cards though. These
cards represent the evolution of both you and your environment.

3) Continue as long as desired.

This process serves as a meme generator, not a method of predicting the future. It presents the
reader with random possibilities. The reader selects one possibility, and the system evolves to
the next phase. Also, it's personal; the reading directly relates to whatever the reader is
interested in.

Ok, that's the old post, now the question remains: If we like this method (or an evolved version
of it), should we use the Tarot cards? Well, can we out do them? Here's an attempt:

Trump Cards:
Sacrifice (Altruism)
Male Sexual Competition
Female Coyness
Social Hierarchy
Chaos (Randomness)
Mystery (Uncertainty)

Suit Cards:
1 Ignorance
2 Information
3 Confussion
4 Analysis
5 Discovery
6 Truth
7 Invention
8 Power
9 Standardization (Replication)
10 Obsolesense

1 Greed
2 Lust
3 Pleasure
4 Pain
5 Loneliness
6 Hate
7 Fear
8 Faith
9 Joy
10 Love

That's enough for now. If feedback is positive, I'll do more, or perhaps other have ideas in
this area.

Now, on to my replies to a few postings in this area...

:All you have is
:inputs, outputs and the black box. Turns out that if you send random
:information to the inputs and do spectral analysis on the outputs, you can
:do a pretty good job of describing ("divining" :-) the contents of the black

Couldn't have said it better myself.

:Hey, all --
: As long as we're throwing around the idea, why not set up some tests?
:E-mail readings would seem the perfect means for eliminating verbal or
:non-verbal feedback (which most "psychics" use as a guide for their

If all we're doing is randomly generating memes, what kind of tests would we do?

David Leeper
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