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On 30 Sep 96 at 12:28, Jason McVean wrote:

> Martin Traynor wrote:
> > Good concept, but please don't allow it to become what 'Magic' is; a
> > game where how much you can afford to spend on the cards influences
> > your capabilities in the game.
> Admittedly, I haven't played the game that much but I did play
> with some people who had way more cards than me and never found I
> was completely out-classed.

Fair enough. I was speaking as one who has never played it at all and
was basing my impressions on what had been posted to the list. Sorry
about that. As my own first step I'm going out at lunchtime and
buying a few packs of these cardgames (I remember seeing a whole
bunch of them the last time I was in 'Forbidden Planet') so that I
can familiarise myself with how these games are played.

> A few questions/ideas to toss out:
> What would be the underlying goal? In Magic it is to kill your
> opponent by inflicting damage. In Virian Magic (needs a name)

MemeWars? (Less chance of copyright infringement and/or alienating
potential players by 'ripping off Magic')

> would it be to have the most successful memes? Or does a player
> represent a single meme and s/he is trying to become more
> successful than competing memes from other players through
> various propagation techniques?

If these cards are to tie in with the Virian Tarot, which so far seem
to be depicting memes rather than strategies, then the former idea
would make more sense IMO.

>Memes can be symbiotic,
> parasitic, mutually exclusive or not... These ideas would
> obviously need to be included.

Potential strategies could include building a monolithic complex of
mutually supporting memes or using small, self-contained memelets (is
that a word?).

> Just rambling...

Keep it up ;)

BTW, I notice the virus-game list has now been set up. Are
we moving across there imminently or are we fleshing the ideas out
some more first? Also, is the new list specifically for the game or
does it also include Virian Tarot? Sorry if this has already been

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