virus: Virian Tarot

Reed Konsler (
Sun, 29 Sep 1996 17:10:50 -0400

>From Stephen:
>The Fool
>The Hermit
>The Lovers
>The Sun
>The Moon
>The World
>The star
>What about Black Hole?
>The Internet
>The Simulacrum [RGK: I really like this one]
>We need the equivalents of:
>And titles such as King, Queen, Knight, Page
>CEO, Executive Officer, Manager, Assistant Manager??

>From KMO:

>From RGK:
>equilibrium / homeostasis
>Prisoner's Dilemma
>speciation / schism
>hybridization / synthesis

>From KMO:
>convergent evolution
>generat & test
>the web
>the net
>the Zitgheist (sp?)
>the self
>the wave
>the black box
>the homunculus
>the leader
>the super-organism
>the parasite
>the commando team
>the shaman
>the architype
>the axe-maker

>From RGK:
The Scientist
The Inventor
The Architect
The Programmer
The Engineer
The Doctor
The Philosopher
The Artist
The Critic
The Politician
The Author
The Teacher
The Robber Barron
The Prisoner
The Soldier
The Paper-Pusher
The Consultant
The Hermit
The Savant
The Prophet
The Priest
The Muckraker
The Gunfighter
The Tool
The Weapon
The Computer
The Passport
The Credit Card
The Key
The Photocopier
The Wire
The Traffic Jam
The Corporation
The Broadcast
The Pill

Reed Konsler