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On 28 Sep 96 at 11:45, Reed Konsler wrote:
> Another game we might learn from is "Magic" published by Wizards of the
> Coast. It's a card game with fairly complicated rules (which we might wish
> to avoid) but which allows for the integration of new cards (one rule is
> "whatever rule is printed on the card takes precedece over all other
> rules") There are literally hundreds of cards...but a player's deck is
> limited to 40-60, so the individual must design their own deck from the
> avaliable materials. As an additional piece of marketing genius, you buy
> the cards in randomized decks of 60 (there are "booster packs" of 10-15,
> but none that aren't randomized like baseball cards). There are common,
> uncommon, and rare cards. And which kind do you think the really good ones
> are? High school and college students were known to drop hundreds of
> dollars monthly in order to get that one "Lord of the Pit". Just keep
> publishing new decks with more cool rare cards...

Good concept, but please don't allow it to become what 'Magic' is; a
game where how much you can afford to spend on the cards influences
your capabilities in the game.

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