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On 27 Sep 96 at 6:22, Steve wrote:

> We need a new approach to science - a paradigm shift, if you will - one that
> recognizes that we are missing a key link, without which we are being held back.
> The problem with subjective entities such as desire and qualia is that they
> can only ever be observed, never proven or measured.

In which case science is not the tool for the job. Science is
extremely powerful within its bounds and to try to cover the
unmeasurable beneath its umbrella will only serve to weaken it. My
own POV is that with time we *will* be able to measure these things
so science needn't ignore them but I get the impression that you mean
they intrinsically cannot be measured.

>To glibly dismiss what religion
> has to offer as irrelevant is to not understand the purpose that the
> original religious thinkers had intended

I agree. Sometimes however the purpose has been deliberately obscured
by the 'religious' and other times the purposes were no more than
self-interest. Not everyone can tell the difference or cares enough
to try.

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