Re: virus: Virian Tarot

Chelstad, Erik (
Mon, 30 Sep 96 17:27:00 PDT

Perhaps the purpose of the virian tarot cards would be
to act as a sort of meme oriented Rorschach test to
divine (yes, I used that word to be difficult) what memes
we ourselves have been infected by.

Not having done my research on the tarot system yet,
I give an example of a trio (I'm sure it's much more than
this, but for argument's sake...) Art-Degeneration-Civilization.
One meme would ask it's host to believe that Art is bringing about
the Degeneration of Civilization, whereas it's anti-meme would
have the host thinking Civilization is Degenerating Art.

Many other memes might also be detected from such a combination.

Does this do justice to the brain-in-the-black-box idea, where random
inputs help define the contents of the processor?