virus: Virian "tarot"

Vicki Rosenzweig (
Thu, 03 Oct 96 16:42:00 PDT

I'm putting "tarot" in quotes because it sounds like what we're doing
will have only a vague connection to tarot--which is fine with me.

Thinking about this a bit more, I noticed an omission: there ought to
be a card or three relating to evolution. Specific ideas would be
something to do with our basic primate ancestry (an ape, monkey,
or early hominid skull might be a good choice here); tool-making;
and (this is hardest to illustrate, I suspect) the broad and branching
concept of "the future(s) of our species." I'd also be tempted to throw
in a trilobite and/or a very early vertebrate, for context: the last few
thousand years, however exciting, are only a small part of the story.