Re: virus: Virian "tarot"
Fri, 4 Oct 96 09:34:57 BST

Okay, I've come up with just a couple of ideas concerning play in our new
"game". Since this game is about creating and interpreting memes, and
identifiying (sp?) with them, rather than actually being convinced that we're
predicting the future, then I suggest the following:

1. How about having the deck divided up into several "packs"? That is,
make each of these "packs" refer to a particular type of meme. For example, we
could have a pack that looks at things such as business, finance, and economy.
Another perhaps could look at personal life and interaction with others. The
reason for this would be that at present the number of cards that we have had
put forward is becoming quite large. I believe someone (KMO?), counted it at
75 concepts yesterday. Therefore, if this game is essentially run by the
player, as opposed to the outcome of the cards, then the player should be free
to select whichever cards he wishes to include in his "pack". I would then
say, though, that as the number of cards is ever increasing, and the game may
have the ability to expand and replicate anyway, then the chances of the player
selecting a "suitable" set of cards for his game are very narrow. The best way
to do this would be for us to come up with a list of cards which would be
ideal in each situation. It may be presumptous of me to assume that we will
be right, therefore I would also suggest having a number of cards in a "gray
zone", which can subsequently accepted or rejected by the player, at the point
of play.
When I say "packs", by the way, I do not mean totally separate piles of
cards, but rather lists of cards to be taken from the main deck. Therefore,
cards can be part of different packs.

2. Jason McVean wrote:

> > Not having done my research on the tarot system yet,
> > I give an example of a trio (I'm sure it's much more than
> > this, but for argument's sake...) Art-Degeneration-Civilization.
> > One meme would ask it's host to believe that Art is bringing about
> > the Degeneration of Civilization, whereas it's anti-meme would
> > have the host thinking Civilization is Degenerating Art.
> > Many other memes might also be detected from such a combination.

I would say that this system would be useful. As we seem to be treating tarot
as non-spiritual, and more scientific, then we cannot be sure which meme is
being represented by the cards. Therefore, if the meme is present, the player
is likely to spot it - but it might refer to more than one meme, and so all
possible interpretations should be noted, and examined at a later stage. With
such a large host of memes, and with the results from a number of of readings,
then a pattern, or common theme may be observed. This would be quite a big
step in our little experiment (I'm sure someone'll disagree!)

I'd also like to thank Jason for posting this example, as my understanding
of tarot reading is non-existent, and this helps make it much clearer.

BTW, everyone talks about going to the virus-game list, but noone seems to
do it. I'm already subscribed, but what address do I send messages to, and
how do I know when a message is from virus-game, as opposed to virus itself?

Richard Jones
"We are the New Breed,
We are the Future."