RE: virus: Why religious?
Wed, 16 Oct 1996 17:32:49 -0600

>Think of something you want that you don't have. Sex? Peace of mind?
>Now imagine that you could have this thing if you truly believed in God.
>Yes, people believe in God because it improves their lives. You smugly
>think that because you believe the "truth" and they believe a myth that
>theists are stupid. Ha ha ha. Meanwhile, they are enjoying their lives
>while you're stressing out building technology for them to use.
>Who's stupid?
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>Do you know what a "meme" is?

Food for thought:
If a similar procedure (sometimes theistic, sometimes not) works in
and is usually required by psychological treatment -- i.e., positive
thinking -- why not apply it outside of the santitarium? Couldn't this be
the reason that many people hold religious meme complexes?
Eliminating religious thinking could very well improve psychiatrists'
incomes by increasing their caseloads....
To wit: would it benefit individuals, groups, or society to break a
floorboard that keeps people from falling into the basement of pathological
psychology? Would an atheistic world necessarily be a healthier one, or
would that require as a preliminary step the elimination of that percentage
of the human population that cannot sustain itself without a religious
meme-scaffold? Wouldn't that preliminary step be equivalent to
intellectually-motivated genocide, and if the Church of Virus works toward
the propogation of atheistic meme-complexes, isn't it a driving force
toward that genocide?
Please bear in mind that I'm playing Devil's Advocate here....

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