virus: hosts & determinism
Wed, 16 Oct 1996 17:03:03 -0600

Yes, suggesting that a genetic basis operates in meme selection does
bring in deterministic elements; but this does not necessarily invalidate
the point.
Are we possibly seeing here a rise in a memetic allergy of memetic
theory itself? That when something (data, opinion, whatever) suggests that
a behavior is unchangeable (barring genetic alteration, et. al.),
memeticists strive to eliminate or discredit that opinion or data in order
to maintain its perspective of intellectual mutability?
Is this a positive element, or does it encourage an avoidance of those
aspects of reality that suggest deterministic elements in human life?

Toward the accumulation of data, turned into information and marketed
to poor slobs with overcharged credit accounts through the use of
half-naked androgynous models... hehehe, you know who....