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On 17 Oct 96 at 15:54, Ken Pantheists wrote:

> > At 09:04 PM 15/10/96, Reed Konsler wrote:
> > > At this time memetics is a theory which has yet to be corroborated
> > > by the neurobiological tests which might disprove it.
> Speaking from a memetic viewpoint, the data that disproved it would be
> memetic material. You can't escape it. It's like trying to talk about
> color when you don't believe in light.

I meant to pick up on this at the time but now's my chance. Reed: Exactly
what prediction does the memetics theory make which could be
disproved by neurobiological tests?

> I have also noticed, having lived in a house with a bunch of priests for
> a number of years , that they rarely regard people as ignorant or as a
> mass.

And I have noticed the opposite. Admittedly it was among the older
generation of priests so they were probably just being bloody-minded
old gits like thousands of others.

> > Martin Traynor wrote :-
> >
> > > can a brilliant thinker fail to notice the inherent flaws and
> > > inconsistencies in Vatican teachings? The conclusion I initially came
> > > to (and held for a number of years) was that beyond a certain point
> > > they were all liars and hypocrites..
> I think that's a little harsh, but everyone has a right to spread
> whatever memes they choose.

You shouldn't have skim-read ;) The conclusion was abandoned in the
very next sentence.

> Hakbeeb Nandalal responded:
> > The laity is taught to regard priests as being somewhat closer to God
> > than they, but a thin veil of superstition is all that separates them
> > from their flocks.
> Again, I challenge the model here. I was initially introduced to the god
> meme in a protestant context. So I feel immune to the situation you
> describe. Incidentally-- one of my friends here in Vancouver was a
> quaker--- no Priests at all but plenty of the god meme.
> Secondly, if there is so much fear and mystery surrounding priests, why
> do people treat them so badly?

The answer to your question is in Hakbeebs statement. The catholic church
would have the flock put its priests on a spiritual pedestal, in that
place in our minds which is reserved for 'those who are not to be
questioned', parents, teachers, Clint Eastwood. The trouble is, when
a child discovers that they're not the heroes he thought they were
there is often a pendulum effect, turning awe into despite. I don't
know how this applies to the protestant faith in Canada but from what I've
seen here protestant priests are not given the same reverence as
catholics (and rightly so, if you ask me).

> I think to be more accurate-- you might say that people who are
> religious believe there is a "right and wrong" way to act and some of
> them enjoy and perpetuate the "policeman in your head" in order to feel
> better about themselves.

But none moreso than priests Stephen. It is their raison d'etre.

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