Re: virus: Re: level 3 minds

Jason McVean (
Fri, 18 Oct 96 10:19:25 MDT

Ken Pantheists said:
> John Schneider:
> > Then again, all the True Level-3 minds are
> > surely living
> > in small huts on the plateaus of Tibet, and are totally unconcerned with
> > the
> > whole concept of "memetics" in the first place.
> That's a self defeating thought.
> Why do you think that level three is a lifetime of work and
> contemplation? Why do you think it exists outside of your culture or
> outside of the material/materialistic world? You have created a memetic
> package that has placed level three on a pedistal. You could write a
> bible to level three and make millions following that train of thought.
> What if level three isn't higher, but lower? Lower down the evolutionary
> chain of the memes you already have? You already know level three, you
> just got too sophisticated to remember it. Does it sound inaccessible
> now?

This is something that I've wondered.

Is there any chance we could see a summary of what the various
levels of minds are. I assume this is one of Mr. Brodie's
inventions but all I can remember are insinuations that the place
to be is in a level-3 mind and anyone who disagrees is hopelessly
stuck in a level-2 or <gasp> level-1 mind. Any discussion of the
topic seems to be greeted by a smug sort of pity. Is this a
terribly naive level-2 request?


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